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Dr Peter Williams - New Evidences the Gospels were Based on Eyewitness Accounts‬‏

I'm not sure I am completely convinced of this argument based off the names in the Gospels, but still it is a little interesting: YouTube - ‪Lecture - Dr Peter Williams - New Evidences the Gospels were Based on Eyewitness Accounts‬‏

Ten Elements of Historic Anglicanism

I think some people in the Anglican church forget their roots. This is a good article about historical Anglicanism: Ten Elements of Historic Anglicanism | Paul Barnett:
Thus the Anglican Church is biblical as to the basis of its authority.

At ordination the minister is given a Bible as the instrument of ministry. The Bishop’s charge in the Ordinal, along with the questions and answers, make it abundantly clear that Christian ministry has the Bible as the basis and means of ministry.

Second Thoughts on Family Worship

It is worth reading the whole quote: Second Thoughts on Family Worship – Justin Taylor:
I know there are lazy parents, particularly fathers, who don’t make time to regularly read and teach the Bible to their kids, and I know my point here will be used by them to justify and continue their laziness. This is what gracious biblical standards always do, and in response legalists try to curb sin by adding rules. So no excuses for lazy people, and no excuse for pietists combating laziness with legalism.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Denver Seminary

I didn't get baptised till only a few years ago, and I didn't have a good reason not to. This also argues for immersion, which I like, but did do: Denver Seminary > Blog:
My concern here is rather the inordinate number of young adults (and a few older ones) I meet these days who seem to think baptism is just no big deal. And if they weren’t raised in a church that prescribed a certain way for it to be done, they may never have been baptized at all. And if they have had faith in Christ for many years already, it really seems to them to be unnecessary. Or, if they do go through with baptism, it is just, they say, “ because Christ commanded it and we need to obey him.” But they can’t give any particular reason for why he should have commanded it.

Tullian, Kevin and the Point of Our Conference

Wilson weights in on a debate between Tullian Tchividjian and Kevin DeYoung: Tullian, Kevin and the Point of Our Conference:
If Tullian and Kevin were helping someone get their car out of a ditch, there could be a good five minutes straight when both of them were thinking about nothing but pushing, and where neither of them were thinking about how this relates, or not, to the larger questions of individual effort and the grace of God. But it does resolve, later on, for both of them, in just the ways they have described. And they both have a point. Pushing a car is not getting your mind around justification. Not taking prideful credit for pushing a car is getting your mind around justification. In context, both are true, and out of context, neither one is.

You Asked: Should a Church Invest?

A good question on how much a church should save and invest answered by a few people:You Asked: Should a Church Invest? – The Gospel Coalition Blog:
I would like something that gives biblical direction as to how much money a church should keep and how it should be invested. I am on the finance committee of my church. They saved up a considerable sum of money and recently invested in long term debt instruments and stocks in hopes of gaining a greater return. I think this money was given for ministry, and my mother suggested, “If they have that much money and can play the stock market, then I will give my tithe to someone else with a greater need.” Any good ideas on how we should proceed? Thanks for your help.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Elders and Deacons

Carson on the qualifications for a church leader: YouTube - Elders and Deacons:
D. A. Carson gives insight as to how to think about elders and deacons in the Church.

The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails – A Philosophia Christi Review of John Loftus’ Book

A full review of an anti-Christian book which was published in a Journal. The below quote made it into the book's blurbs, minus the starting sentence...: The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails – A Philosophia Christi Review of John Loftus’ Book | MandM:
This review has been fairly negative; however, despite the problems inherent in this book, which are substantive, The Christian Delusion is still worth reading. The book is a comprehensive and representative expression of contemporary skeptical thought from some leading free thinkers in a single volume. Given the pervasiveness in our culture of the line of argument advanced in this book, anyone who wants to understand the position of contemporary free thinkers could not do much better than to read it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Not religious now? Mark the census NO RELIGION, and take religion OUT of politics

I actually support the Atheist Foundation of Australia's goal of getting people to be honest on the census forms. Apparently in my area there are a few thousand people who say they are Anglican, while actual weekly attendance to the local Anglican church is about 500. "Losing My Religion" by Tom Frame is a good book on this as well: Not religious now? Mark the census NO RELIGION, and take religion OUT of politics:
The AFA will be unveiling billboards across the nation in major cities stating 'Census 2011: Not religious now? Mark 'No religion' and take religion out of politics.' It is time the Australian community questioned whether they hold religious beliefs or not.

Lord, Do It Again!

Keller and Nancy DeMoss on revival today: Lord, Do It Again! – The Gospel Coalition Blog:
Why isn’t there as much interest in revival among Christians today compared to former years? I posed that question to Tim Keller and Nancy Leigh DeMoss, each of whom has been inspired by reading about past revivals to aspire for such an awakening in our day.

Global Survey of Evangelical Protestant Leaders

Results from a global survey on how evangelism is doing world wide: Global Survey of Evangelical Protestant Leaders - Global Survey of Evangelical Protestant Leaders - Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life:
Evangelical Protestant leaders who live in the Global South (sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America and most of Asia) generally are optimistic about the prospects for evangelicalism in their countries. But those who live in the Global North (Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand) tend to be more pessimistic.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

True & Better on Vimeo

A good snippet from Keller about how Jesus is better than any character in the Old Testament: True & Better on Vimeo

At Least Get Paid for It!

An interesting article that may have crossed a line... God thinks free sex out of marriage is worst than prostitution: At Least Get Paid for It!:
People, is it too unreasonable to expect unmarried Christian women to not freely screw men? (Guys shouldn’t be doing this either, but that’s another article for another day!) I don’t think so, yet seemingly for many, it is too much to ask. So if you are going to give it up, you may as well make a buck, then at least you aren’t lower than a prostitute. Now, don’t get mad at me–that’s not what I’m saying, it’s what God says–look it up in Ezekiel. And by the way, your 50% tithe on the cash you garner will go a long way in getting my Cadillac “pimp mobile”! (Relax…it’s a joke!)

You Flat Out Won't Make It Without These Two

Interesting stat about leaders making it to the end: You Flat Out Won't Make It Without These Two | The Resurgence:
Bobby Clinton from Fuller Seminary has come to the conclusion that only about 30% of leaders finish well. One of the common threads in the lives of fallen leaders is lack of close accountability relationships. Leaders, because of their personality makeup, the nature of the responsibilities they carry and the accompanying pressures and expectations, tend to go it alone and not build close relationships.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Right-wing party on the rise

Mixing religion and politics is like mixing ice cream with manure - you spoil both: New Right-wing party on the rise | Herald Sun:
'Immigrants who make Australia their home, while free to celebrate their own ethnic backgrounds, must respect Australian culture,' he said.

'Rise Up Australia Party is totally opposed to the introduction of Sharia law in Australia - it is incompatible with our democracy and particularly curtails the civil rights and freedoms of women.'

What I have learned after five years of pastoring

Some good advice from a pastor who is five years into the game: What I have learned after five years of pastoring -:
On April 9, 2011, I celebrated five years as Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Muncie, Indiana. As I reflect back on these past years there are five main lessons that come to mind

Lloyd-Jones on the Practice of Real Preaching

Real preaching is not just dealing with the intellectual: Lloyd-Jones on the Practice of Real Preaching – The Gospel Coalition Blog:
In other words, though Lloyd-Jones often warns against being too adapted to the culture, in the end the Doctor argues strongly that preaching must not be dry and intellectual but profoundly life-related, that the preacher’s tone must not be affected and “parsonic” but genuine, passionate, and transparent. If you listen to the Doctor’s evening sermons in particular, you learn that he was always referring to current events and intellectual trends, often expounding Scripture in order to answer the questions posed by the culture. So the preaching must not be just a “running commentary” or an overly cognitive explanation of the text, but must have shape and passion and connect forcefully with the heart and life of the congregant.

10 Practical Ways to Be a Good Dad

A good quick and practical list: 10 Practical Ways to Be a Good Dad | The Mars Hill Blog
1. Get involved with your child from the beginning.
2. Prioritize fatherhood.
3. Make yourself available always.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fair-trade coffee producers often end up poorer

Oh, I didn't want to hear this. I still buy normal coffee, but I always though fair trade was fairer: Lawrence Solomon: Fair-trade coffee producers often end up poorer | FP Comment | Financial Post:
The fair-trade business is filled with contradictions.

You Might be an Evangelical Reject if you…

An edgy but funny list: You Might be an Evangelical Reject if you… | Jesus Creed:
- You don’t use the word inerrancy to describe biblical authority because its too rigid a definition and a modernist categorical imposition on the Holy Spirit inspired Scriptures.
- You think women should do anything BUT be silent in the church. (Can I get an AMEN from my sistas?)

5 Godly Ways to Be a Good Dad

Driscoll on fatherhood: 5 Godly Ways to Be a Good Dad | The Mars Hill Blog:
It is imperative that Christian fathers repent of their childish ways (i.e., laziness, lust, whining, drunkenness, juvenile antics, neglecting family in the pursuit of hobbies, foolish spending, and so on) because their sins impinge upon the lives of their children and grandchildren. A Christian father should aspire to live in such a way as to be a righteous example to his children, which produces a path of blessing that flows to the children from the faithfulness of their father as they follow his loving leadership.

Lessons to be learned from the Canadian Church experience

A talk and Q&A session by Packer on what is going on in the Anglican church in Canada: Lessons to be learned from the Canadian Church experience : Anglican Church League, Sydney, Australia:
In June 2008, Dr J I Packer spoke at Holy Trinity, Eastbourne on “Lessons to be learned from the Canadian church experience”

39 Articles – Hell and God’s Love – Article 3

A good post on the 3rd Anglican article on Jesus going down to hell: 39 Articles – Hell and God’s Love – Article 3 | Dipendente:
Thomas Griffith has written extensively about this and below I place his thoughts and comments on the issue, it is a long read but well worth it. As it covers many areas and views.

Why the Incarnation? Part 2: Objections

Am overview of five objections to Jesus being God: Why the Incarnation? Part 2: Objections

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Place Sensational Headline Here

Jensen didn't like the headline he got: Articles | Place Sensational Headline Here | Phillip Jensen:
On this occasion the headline was “Same-sex Marriage will lead to Polygamy, says Jensen”. This is not true to what the Archbishop wrote. The article then commenced “Allowing same-sex couples to marry could lead to the acceptance of polygamy and incest, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, has warned.” This opening sentence has several problems. Firstly there is a considerable difference between the “will lead to polygamy” of the headline and the “could lead to the acceptance of polygamy” of the opening sentence. Secondly, this was not the central argument of the Archbishop’s article but turns a minor illustration into his opening gambit. Thirdly, it does not even reflect accurately what the Archbishop wrote about that matter for it omits the idea of the ‘right’ to marriage, which his article was addressing. Fourthly, it uses the emotive word ‘incest’, which he chose not to use.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church, This False Prophet and His Blind Lemmings Welcome You to Our Whore House for God’s Grace and Free Donuts

Mark Driscoll vs The Westboro Baptist Church. This Sunday: Westboro Baptist Church, This False Prophet and His Blind Lemmings Welcome You to Our Whore House for God’s Grace and Free Donuts | The Mars Hill Blog:
This Sunday, the infamous Westboro “Baptist” “Church” (WBC) is scheduled to picket our Federal Way campus in Auburn. You can find more about WBC from their very loving and gracious website, affectionately titled,

Morality for the Internet Age

What do you think? Killing someone online is not murder, so looking at porn is not adultery...: Morality for the Internet Age – The Gospel Coalition Blog:
He argues, “[I]f a married man [masturbates] to porn, I don’t think we should consider him an adulterer.” He goes on to say, “Ditto if someone ‘kills’ real-people-acting-as-avatars on World of Warcraft.”

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Piper Talks with Carson, Keller About Succession Plans at Bethlehem

Three big names talking about preparing for the end of their ministry: Piper Talks with Carson, Keller About Succession Plans at Bethlehem – The Gospel Coalition Blog:
Two days after making this original call, Piper sat down with two other 60-somethings, Don Carson and Tim Keller, to talk about growing old and passing on responsibility for the churches and ministries they lead.

What You Find In Your Quiet Times

Adam was a real person based off 1 Chronicles 1: What You Find In Your Quiet Times – Kevin DeYoung:
Adam to Seth to Enosh to Kenan to Mahalelel to Jared to Enoch to Methusaleh to Lamech to Noah to Shem to Arpachshad to Shelah to Eber to Peleg to Reu to Serug to Nahor to Terah to Abram, that is, Abraham (1 Chronicles 1:1-4, 24-27). So where does the myth end and the history begin?
That kind of genealogy wouldn’t begin to make sense, not to the Jews and not to us. It’d be like starting your family tree with the Jolly Green Giant and Paul Bunyan. It’d be like writing a biography that begins with Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke and then goes on to his son Hugh Hodge and his son Charles and his son Archibald Alexander. Not very convincing.

And not very encouraging for a bunch of exiles trying to figure out who they really are.

Bishop rejects claim of hardline attitude

Robinson doesn't want Canberra to be like Sydney. Interesting as he is from there: Bishop rejects claim of hardline attitude - Local News - News - General - The Canberra Times:
Anglican Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn Stuart Robinson has emphatically rejected his diocese is becoming a clone of the hardline, evangelical Diocese of Sydney.
Critics say that under Bishop Robinson's leadership, the diocese is becoming less inclusive, with the role of female clergy diminished.

The Reality of Your Eternal Portion

Every man, woman and child, shall be arraigned at that great court appearance. Every one shall be judged according to his works. The sins of every one shall be answered for. And every one shall receive his eternal portion either in heaven or in hell!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pitting historical facts against atheist schoolyard delusions

John Dickson asks atheist Tamas Pataki to do some homework and to consult modern scholarship: Pitting historical facts against atheist schoolyard delusions - ABC Religion & Ethics - Opinion:
What is perfectly clear is that Pataki's dewy-eyed ode to the wonders of Greek thought and his caricature of the bumbling 'soothsaying' of the Jews and Christians owe more to his own dogma than to either evidence or contemporary scholarship on any of the questions he touches upon.

Preaching the Entire New Testament: Verse by Verse (and its all for free)

John MacArthur has finished preaching through the whole NT at the one church and the audio is all up for free. Free stuff is good: Preaching the Entire New Testament: Verse by Verse – Justin Taylor:
You can listen to all 42 years worth of his expositional preaching online for free. This is a gift to the Church, both in its original delivery and its modern availability.

Should we declare bankruptcy on matters of “science”?

Adam and Eve, now with more Science. What about the resurrection?: Should we declare bankruptcy on matters of “science”? « Expository Thoughts:
So why is it acceptable to interpret the text in light of perceived scientific criterion and conclusions in one place (i.e., Gen 1 & 2) and not in other places like the Gospels and their empty tomb? In other words, what will happen when Biologos eventually gets around to dealing with the resurrection? You don’t have to be a scientist to see their inconsistency or suspect that their methods are bankrupt.

Augustine’s Literal Adam

Augustine changed his views on the start of Genesis throughout his life, but all his views still held to a literal Adam: Augustine’s Literal Adam – The Gospel Coalition Blog:
Over the course of about 40 years Augustine developed his views on Genesis. His approach to reading Scripture changed. The role and importance he accorded to Adam matured. It is striking that throughout these vicissitudes, at each stage Augustine believed in the existence of a literal Adam.

Theology, Therapy, Twitter, and the Scandal of the Gospel

Stop the press Christian leader (Mohler) believes orthodox doctrines: – Theology, Therapy, Twitter, and the Scandal of the Gospel:
Seriously? It is rather shocking to find the religion and spirituality writer for USA Today surprised that a Christian believes what orthodox Christianity has consistently taught — that every single human being is a sinner in need of the redemption that is found only in Christ.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quantity of Disciples or Quality of Discipleship?

An 8 min clip of a discussion between Chandler, Dever and MacDonald on discipleship and evangelism: Quantity of Disciples or Quality of Discipleship? – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Five Statements That Summarize Christian Hedonism

1. The longing to be happy is a universal human experience, and it is good, not sinful.
2.We should never try to deny or resist our longing to be happy, as though it were a bad impulse. Instead we should seek to intensify this longing and nourish it with whatever will provide the deepest and most enduring satisfaction."
Click for the rest: Five Statements That Summarize Christian Hedonism - Desiring God

Congregational Government is From Satan

This post cause a little stir in some circles: Vertical Church | Ministry Resources for Pastors from James MacDonald:
That’s right! It’s actually the title to a book I have had percolating in my mind for a long time. After almost 30 years in ministry I have come irreversibly to this conclusion: congregational government is an invention and tool of the enemy of our souls to destroy the church of Jesus Christ. So there, I have said the strongest part of the message first; now some commentary.

Missionary? – It’s A Mindset

Lay people are missionaries as well: Articles | Missionary? – It’s A Mindset | Phillip Jensen:
It is relatively easy for paid ministers of the gospel to understand how they are missionaries. Life’s decisions – where they live, what they do, how they spend their time – are all about the ministry of the gospel. It is more difficult, and yet more important, that lay people understand their lives as missionaries. For all Christians share in the great mission of bringing glory to the Lord Jesus by proclaiming the great news of his victory for the salvation of all people. The ministry of lay people is the ministry of God’s great army.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Same-sex marriage will lead to polygamy, says Jensen

SMH has a write up of Jensens views on same-sex marriages: Same-sex marriage will lead to polygamy, says Jensen:
Dr Jensen said the present law did not deny the rights of those in same-sex unions. ''This is not unjust - it is not even discrimination in the current sense of the word - but a refusal to call different things by the same name,'' he said.

Friday, June 10, 2011

International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Online First™

A stack of journal articles from this publication came through my RSS feed. There are a few interesting articles that have come out, this is just one: SpringerLink - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Online First™:
To suggest that Daniel Dennett is a deist is to invite ridicule. Dennett is both an avowed atheist and defender of naturalism in philosophy. Yet if we pay heed to the entirety of Dennett’s claims a curious picture emerges. My suggestion is that Hegel and Marx represent the rival responses to what we might call the modern predicament: what is the nature of existence in a world which seems a mechanism? Dennett’s response to this question is Hegelian, and involves a commitment to a religiosity which might surprise those otherwise receptive to his arguments.

Ordinary Pastors

C.J Mahaney has posted in 12 parts his whole chapter on the "ordinary" pastor that is set to come out in a new book. This post links to all 12 of those posts: Ordinary Pastors – Justin Taylor:
In this series C.J. addresses some of the common temptations ordinary pastors experience and sets for them a realistic vision for successful pastoral ministry that honors God and faithfully proclaims the Savior.

The seminaries are too full

This raises a host of questions regarding the importance of attending the local church vs the importance of moving away to get a good theological education. Maybe technology will help: The seminaries are too full « Expository Thoughts:
I think churches have a responsibility as well. Should anyone go to seminary that is not already manifesting some level of ministry gifting and ability in his local church? Churches can adopt some form of criteria to test men before sending them off. A robust apprenticeship program or internship can be a great ministry for local churches and give men time to mature and grow in ministry. On the other hand, we also need to reexamine whether sending men off is good for the church at all. I think this is a sacred cow for many but one worth slaughtering if need be. In this day and age, the seminary classroom can be localized in such a way that men can serve in their local church and still attend class through virtual means. I’m not talking about on-line degree factories but places like The Expositor’s Seminary where like-minded churches host real-time classes with back and forth interaction at the same time on numerous church campuses. On this, seminaries and churches need to think outside the box and I’m encouraged that many are doing this.

Putting On Christ / Putting Off Sin

A good overview of Paul's references to putting on the new life and putting off the old one: Putting On Christ / Putting Off Sin – Justin Taylor:
I’ve been intrigued by Paul’s idea of “putting on” and “putting off,” and wanted to investigate a little further.

One of Our Favorite Series on Manhood

More free audio on Manhood. I think have listened three other talks by Chandler, and I thought they were great: One of Our Favorite Series on Manhood | The Resurgence:
Matt Chandler did a Men's Bible Study back in 2008 at the Village Church titled The Image & Glory of God. We thought it's a great series on manhood so we wanted to repost it here as a resource. Find more studies and seminars from the Village Church.

Joy in God Is the Heart of Mission

I like Newbigin. Mission is not a command, but implicit in Christianity: Joy in God Is the Heart of Mission - Desiring God:
The mission of the Church in the pages of the New Testament is more like a fallout which is not lethal but life-giving. One searches in vain through the letters of St. Paul to find any suggestion that he anywhere lays it on the conscience of his reader that they ought to be active in mission. For himself it is inconceivable that he should keep silent. 'Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!' (1 Corinthians 9:16). But nowhere do we find him telling his readers that they have a duty to do so. . . .

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love Tanks

Some parenting tips by Doug Wilson Love Tanks:
But children need fathers to be fathers. They need fathers to draw a line, to set a boundary. They need limits. But they need these limits from a man who has established his wisdom in drawing them. The limits are not set for their own sake, but for the child's sake. And they are not set all by themselves, but are balanced in the context of a gracious relationship -- just as the numbers on checks should be balanced in the context of the numbers on deposit slips.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Singe, Christian and Sexy?

Should Christians be sexy? Candid Christianity: Singe, Christian and Sexy? | Antwuan Malone:
The short answers seems to be that, yes, single Christians can be sexy. This, however, begs the question: Should they be sexy?

engage 2011 sold out

Piper is speaking. I got five tickets last night for the first weekend: engage 2011 sold out - Katoomba Christian Convention:
Tickets have now sold out to both weekends of engage 2011

New Multimedia Resource: Jonathan Leeman on God's Word

Four free talks on the Bible by a 9marks guy: New Multimedia Resource: Jonathan Leeman on God's Word | 9Marks:
How should we as Christians view God's Word? How does God's Word give life to a congregation? Is God's Word really that important in the local church? Jonathan Leeman recently had the opportunity to encourage and instruct some church members in Graham, Texas by considering these questions and more.

Epicycles and Phlogiston: Fanciful Flights from the Historical Adam and Jesus

There seems to be a debate brewing over a Historical Adam. Christianity Today has a review of the debate as well: Epicycles and Phlogiston: Fanciful Flights from the Historical Adam and Jesus – The Gospel Coalition Blog:
Which brings us to theological liberalism, which hates talk of the historical Adam. Just when they think they’ve evaporated him in the “myths” of Genesis, he crops up in New Testament texts as a real man. There he is in Romans 5, as in “by one man sin entered into the world” and as in “death reigned from Adam to Moses.” Then he appears in 1 Corinthians 15: “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive”; and again, “The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.” Not to mention the genealogy in Luke 3 and the talk of Eve’s and his problems in 1 Timothy 2. It’s enough to make a Tübingen adept long for Martian loops.

Connecting with Your Kids

Two on-line tools for connecting with your spouse and children: Connecting with Your Kids:
After years of working with couples employing the Flag Page and getting marvelous results and success, we enlisted the help of Larry Bilotta, creator of the Flag Page, to come up with a Kids Flag Page. The game-base version can be used with children ages 6-11—or younger with parental assistance—to give them and their parents an understanding of what drives them and makes them tick.

Make Every Effort

Do we lean too much on grace? Effort is also required for the Christian lifeMake Every Effort – Kevin DeYoung:
God did not tell the Israelites, “Work hard and I’ll set you free from Egypt.” That’s law without a gospel. Neither did God tell them, “I love you. I set you free by my grace. I ask nothing more except that you believe in this good gift.” That’s gospel with no law. Instead, God redeemed the people by his mercy, and that mercy made a way for obedience. Gospel then law. Trust and obey.

Ruth 4 and the Sovereignty of God

Do we stop and do too much risk assessment, or get on with things and trust in the sovereignty of God?: Ruth 4 and the Sovereignty of God | Dipendente:
It is my belief that as we come to realize and believe in the sovereignty of God, that we will also start doing less of this “risk assessment” and just get on with God’s mission. I think i am coming to the conclusion that there must be a mathematical equation (quite hard for me since i hate maths) the the more a church believes in the sovereignty of God the more willing it is to serve, but the opposite i think is true also. The less a church is involved in mission and stepping out and taking risks i believe is an indicator of the loss in understanding of God’s Sovereignty.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When Does Viewing Porn Disqualify for Ministry?

Driscoll answers this question in the following video: When Does Viewing Porn Disqualify for Ministry? | Dipendente

Piper, Carson, and Keller on Sustaining the Covenant of Marital Love

Some heavy weights talk about been marriage for about 40 years each: Piper, Carson, and Keller on Sustaining the Covenant of Marital Love – The Gospel Coalition Blog:
Don Carson, Tim Keller, and John Piper offer insight on falling in love again and again and the ground of covenant in which the flower of love grows. In marriage, man and woman change, but their promise does not, sustained by the God who enacted his covenant between Christ and the church.


Social commentary by the Dilbert guy. I've heard Driscoll also say that men on sitcoms are always the butt of a joke and never the leader who resolves all the problems: Scott Adams Blog: Psychics 06/06/2011:
Here's a quick quiz: What is the common word for 'hatred of women'? Most of you got the right answer in less than a second: misogyny.

Question two, what is the common name for 'hatred of men'?


The answer is misandry. But I would have also accepted 'normal,' at least in America. Hatred of men for their supposed faults is pretty much business as usual in this country - so much so that we rarely label it. And if a man is powerful, that's two strikes against him.

Tom Wright, Scriptural Authority, and Monogamy

Is polygamy in the bible prescriptive? Deut 21:15-17 does seem to be a bit of a problem: Tom Wright, Scriptural Authority, and Monogamy | Jesus Creed:
Third, the NT is stricter at times the OT — and this undercuts the argument that the OT was law and the NT grace and soft.

Why? That’s his fourth point, and it’s the critical one: the project of God in God’s mission for the world is to restore creation into new creation, and the original creation was the marriage of one man and one woman.

Sinned in a Literal Adam, Raised in a Literal Christ

I thought Keller in Reason for God conceded to some of evolution (maybe I should re-read it): Sinned in a Literal Adam, Raised in a Literal Christ – The Gospel Coalition Blog:
If you don’t believe Adam and Even were literal but realize the author of Genesis was probably trying to teach us that they were real people who sinned—Paul certainly was—then you have to face the implications for how you read Scripture. You may say, “Well, the biblical authors were ‘men of their time’ and were wrong about something they were trying to teach readers.” The obvious question is, “How will we know which parts of the Bible to trust and which not?”

Biblical Theology and Church Picnics

Churches should have picnics as they have to do with God: Biblical Theology and Church Picnics - Desiring God:
If picnics don’t have to do with God we may as well close up shop. Either all we do has to do with God or he is not God. “Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do (like picnics), do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Revising the Baptism Services (Again)

This links to a PDF about changing the Anglican baptism service... Revising the Baptism Services (Again)
The problem with Covenant Theology is that infant baptism makes sense for children of believing parents, but as Anglicans we are required to baptise children when often we do not have confidence that the parent(s) are within the covenant community. This is a tension felt by clergy and laity alike and is part of the reason for the discontent amongst evangelicals about infant baptism. It leads to a curious situation in some churches where those on the fringe or outside the church bring their children for baptism whilst believers within the church do not

12 Ways to Glorify God at Work

Some good advice for me (especially as I read blogs at work): 12 Ways to Glorify God at Work - Desiring God:
5. Grow in your skill-set, work hard, and strive for excellence.

Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men (Proverbs 22:29).

In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty (Proverbs 14:23).

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven (Matthew 5:16).

“I am the Antichrist!”

What would you do if a new person in your bible study announces that they were the anti-Christ? Articles | “I am the Antichrist!” | Phillip Jensen:
Our newcomer to Bible Study back in 1975 was not the anti-Christ for he did not deny Jesus. He believed Jesus was the Son of God, come into the world to die and rise for our salvation. He had just left his accommodation in the Prince of Wales Mental Health Unit and was deeply confused about his own state before God. Satan’s emissaries are far more likely to come in subtle and socially respectable sheep’s clothing – academics, journalists, politicians, neighbours, clergy, or celebrities. You can recognise them by the lies they tell about Jesus.

The humanistic Jesus

If you can't trust what the New Testament says when it says Jesus rose from the dead, can we nevertheless trust the New Testament when it teaches that Jesus told people to turn the other cheek? It's the same book.
- dangerous idea: The humanistic Jesus

Friday, June 3, 2011

Connecting Church & Home

I am not sure if they will put the audio up, but this conference could have some helpful resources for parents: SBTS – Connecting Church & Home – Overview:
God has called parents and church leaders to be involved in their children’s spiritual formation

Why do you work for the Anglican Church?

A good post by an old (friend and) minister who is now in Brisbane: Why do you work for the Anglican Church? | Dipendente aka jkdinale:
I believe God can still turn the Anglican church around, the problem though is that if everyone jumps ship there is going to be no one left for when the Spirit moves through the Diocese. I pray every day i may last the distance, run the race and see the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane preach Jesus crucified and risen rather than this anglo-catholic-liberal-progressive crap that is coming out at the moment. I also pray there may be more guys and women committed to the Bible who choose to stay and minister within the Anglican church.

Francis Chan on Making Disciples and Knowing Christ

A good clip by Chan on the Holy Spirit. Why do we need the Comforter if we are comfortable? Francis Chan on Making Disciples and Knowing Christ - Desiring God

Thursday, June 2, 2011

False Prophets, False Teachers, and Real Trouble: The Case of Harold Camping

Al Mohler surveys a few things wrong with Harold Camping: – False Prophets, False Teachers, and Real Trouble: The Case of Harold Camping:
Harold Camping has refused all correction and all efforts to persuade him to cease his false teachings. He left a major denomination and cast out on his own. He has received delegations of concerned theologians and major Christian leaders, but he has resisted all efforts and repudiated accountability to the church.

He is the classic example of a false teacher and a false prophet, about which the Bible has so much to say. And yet, some Christians have suggested that his errors should go uncorrected and his false teachings should be tolerated, just because he is a old man.

Tom Wright, Scripture and God’s Authority

At the start of this year I read something Write wrote on scripture, this books seems to be saying the same idea. Its worth thinking about: Tom Wright, Scripture and God’s Authority | Jesus Creed:
When Wright comes to sum up his entire argument, on pp. 115-116, he says this: The authority of Scripture is “a picture of God’s sovereign and saving plan for the entire cosmos, dramatically inaugurated by Jesus himself, and now to be implemented through the Spirit-led life of the church precisely as the scripture-reading community.” Thus, the “authority of Scripture” is put into action in the Church’s missional operations. Scripture, he says, is more than a record of revelation and was never simply about imparting information — it is God’s word to redeem his people as God works out his plan for the entire created order. And you may know how the Bible teaches what Tom calls a 5-Act play: creation, fall, Israel, Jesus, Church. We are in the 5th Act now.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gay safe sex posters removed from Brisbane bus stops

The video/audio on this story is quite good, especially the end. Gay safe sex posters removed from Brisbane bus stops:
HIV campaigners are outraged the safe sex promotion featuring a fully clothed, hugging gay couple has been pulled from Queensland bus shelters by Adshel.

The Hermeneutics of Continuity and Discontinuity

Read in context and not with a hermeneutical assumption: The Hermeneutics of Continuity and Discontinuity « Expository Thoughts:
Put another way, continuity and discontinuity in a given area should be a post-exegetical conclusion, not a pre-exegetical assumption. Otherwise, the one who looks at Scripture through the lens of continuity will tend to deny legitimate points of discontinuity, and the one who looks through the lens of discontinuity will tend to deny legitimate points of continuity.

What Do You Mean When You Talk about Christ in the Old Testament

A helpful article that shows ways to point to Jesus in the Old Testament: What Do You Mean When You Talk about Christ in the Old Testament? – The Gospel Coalition Blog:
As I went through my list of examples of how the Old Testament points to and prepares us for Christ, I realized what was needed was every note-taker’s dream: a numbered list. So I went to the experts—those practitioners who have taught me the most about seeing Christ in the Old Testament—and looked over their lists.