Thursday, October 27, 2011

Does Joel Osteen Not Know, or Does He Not Care?

Osteen makes another statement that evangelicals don't agree with: – Does Joel Osteen Not Know, or Does He Not Care?:
Osteen just stated his belief that Mormons are Christians. He then expressed the thought that Mormonism “might not be the purest form of Christianity, like I grew up with,” but he affirmed Mormon statements that Jesus is the Son of God and that He is Savior.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Clarification on some rumors that have been on some blogs

I am honestly surprised it took hindsight to see this. I think there are even some bible verses about not taking to court other Christians...: Clarification on some rumors that have been on some blogs | The Mars Hill Blog:
On September 27, 2011, our legal counsel sent such a letter to these three Mars Hill churches requesting that they change their logo and name. In hindsight, we realize now that the way we went about raising our concerns, while acceptable in the business world, is not the way we should deal with fellow Christians.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Subjectivism and Evil Moral Positions

On Dawkins and Craig: dangerous idea: Subjectivism and Evil Moral Positions:
It isn't that Craig holds such a preposterous position that this proves his total irrationality. In fact, he holds a view that Dawkins himself would not consider to be false, let alone refutable.

Somewhere in England, an emperor is missing his lab coat.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ask a (former) atheist

An atheist uni professor becomes a Christians and decides that life has meaning: Ask a (former) atheist | World On Campus:
Psychology professor Rich Suplita used to sit in the University of Georgia's Tate Plaza holding a handmade sign that read "Ask an atheist" any time a preacher came to campus to share the gospel. As the faculty sponsor of the school's atheist club, he was adept at explaining how to tackle the issues of life without God.

Why I refuse to debate with William Lane Craig

Dawkins doesn't want to debate Craig as he thinks genocide is wrong, while at the same time believing there is no design, good or evil in the world: Why I refuse to debate with William Lane Craig | Richard Dawkins | Comment is free |
And if any of my colleagues find themselves browbeaten or inveigled into a debate with this deplorable apologist for genocide, my advice to them would be to stand up, read aloud Craig's words as quoted above, then walk out and leave him talking not just to an empty chair but, one would hope, to a rapidly emptying hall as well.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Special Hypocrisy Rates

"But while we are on the subject of [OT] sexual slavery, let me raise the question whether anything like that is happening now . . . let's talk about sexual slavery of children in places like Thailand. And let's ask who would be most likely to approve of sexual jaunts to visit the slaves there -- your average believer in the Old Testament laws you dismissively cite or people who share your opinions about the reject status of Old Testament law? Are there special airfare rates from San Francisco do you think?" (Letter from a Christian Citizen, p. 21).

Special Hypocrisy Rates

The Sin of Counting

Pragmatism is bad. So is boasting. I also had issues with the video this article linked to: The Sin of Counting:
I’ll admit to being weary, to the point of irritation, whenever I hear ministers of the gospel reporting their statistics as external evidences of success. And I know I’m not the only one. (The first minute-and-a-half of this video makes the point.)

Enough already.

Dads, Consider the Impact of Availability

Some good advice: Dads, Consider the Impact of Availability - Desiring God:
Our children need to interact with us regularly and to know that at any moment, if they ever really need us, we will be there. Nothing in this world can take our place with them. Our actions and words must demonstrate that our kids occupy a special place and access to us that no one else except our spouse has.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Relativism and Human Rights

Relativism is incompatible with an idea that many of us hold dear, the idea of inalienable human rights. If relativism is true, we are endowed by our culture, not our creator, with certain rights, and if the culture denies those rights, as in cases like slavery or female circumcision, then there is nowhere to go to justify a claim that, contrary to what the culture has decreed, our rights are being violated.
dangerous idea: Relativism and Human Rights

You Might Be a Pragmatist

Some of these points are edgy (but true): You Might Be a Pragmatist:’s a quick Top 10 list you can use to evaluate yourself and your ministry for signs of pragmatism

Top 10 preaching mistakes

A nice simple list for new preachers: Top 10 preaching mistakes | HeadHeartHand Blog:
As I’ve listened over the years to students begin to preach, I’ve noticed the same mistakes arising again and again, the same mistakes that we all fall into from time to time. The ten most common are

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Take: Are evangelicals dangerous?

Mohlers take on the American media's take on evangelicals: My Take: Are evangelicals dangerous? – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs:
We’re dangerous only to those who want more secular voices to have a virtual monopoly in public life.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dead Sea Scrolls online

Now everyone can see the scrolls online, with a mouse over translation: The Great Isaiah Scroll:
The Great Isaiah Scroll (1QIsaa) is one of the original seven Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in Qumran in 1947. It is the largest (734 cm) and best preserved of all the biblical scrolls, and the only one that is almost complete. The 54 columns contain all 66 chapters of the Hebrew version of the biblical Book of Isaiah. Dating from ca. 125 BCE, it is also one of the oldest of the Dead Sea Scrolls, some one thousand years older than the oldest manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible known to us before the scrolls' discovery.

Ten Reasons Why the New NIV Bible is Bad for Women

Turns out the NIV2011 which gets some of its content from the TNIV is bad for women (this is posted on a site that strongly opposed the TNIV): CBMW » Ten Reasons Why the New NIV Bible is Bad for Women:
Notwithstanding the doctrinal imprecision and blatant politically-correct translating agenda, there are additional reasons why I dislike gender inclusive Bibles. Undoubtedly the publishers had good intentions, and genuinely wanted to help women, but in my mind, a gender-inclusive Bible is BAD for women. Really, really bad for women! I react to people reading from the new, gender-inclusive NIV the way I react to nails scratching down a chalk board. Here are ten reasons why

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tudor Protestant Political Thought 1547-1603

A friend of mines has written a book. Based off the price and topic I am not sure he is going for a general audience: Tudor Protestant Political Thought 1547-1603 | BRILL:
This book offers a study of natural law, providentialism, cosmic order, political authority, and government by consent in Protestant political thought during a transitional period in English history. It shows how the Reformation was central to the birth of modern political thought.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

True Feelings - Emotions in Christian Life and Ministry

Free audio from a Moore College conference on Christians and Emotion: 2011 : True Feelings - Emotions in Christian Life and Ministry:
There is no question that one of the most controversial areas for Christian life and ministry in the early 21st century is that of the place of the human emotions in Christian experience. Feelings certainly run high about feelings. Can we trust our feelings? Should we suppress them or should we indulge them? Does God have feelings?

#1 King Jesus Gospel Question

What are Christians tasked to do?: #1 King Jesus Gospel Question | Jesus Creed:
We are witnesses. First and foremost we are witness to and about Jesus. Our calling is to draw attention to Jesus and to call folks’ attention to Jesus. The Story of Jesus awakens faith and in that context the summons to repent, to be believe and to be baptized can be given.

The focus is not on what people get if they accept Jesus; the focus is Jesus. He’ll give them what he wants. And he wants.

Now Available: Messages from Piper's Recent Trip to Australia

Pipers Engage talks are not online, but his Oxygen talks the ones he gave at Brisbane are: Now Available: Messages from Piper's Recent Trip to Australia - Desiring God:
Pastor John's messages from Australia are now available for streaming and download

Humble Pie—A HEARTY Meal

I think this shows character. Also apparently Mark Dever has pulled out of this conference...: Vertical Church | Ministry Resources for Pastors from James MacDonald:
I also regret that our invitations have caused some in the African-American community to believe we have abandoned them in their fight for greater attention to orthodoxy among their congregations. Our own church has made immense strides in racial diversity, and these matters are very close to my own heart. We are pursuing an adjusted format for this Elephant Room that will avoid assigning credibility where essential doctrine of our faith is not affirmed clearly. We are in pursuit of other African-American pastors to participate in the discussion of biblical doctrine and its central importance in the life of a New Testament church. Today we announce that Dr. Crawford Loritts will join the conversation in Elephant Room 2. We expect to announce our final participant very soon.

What The Media Does Not Report

Our media is interested in Iran. It recently reported about the young American hikers who had crossed over the border of Iran and were released from prison. Their carelessness, capture and eventual release were headline stories. But the much more morally important story of Pastor Nadarkhani is ignored. Why?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Announcing Our 2012 Conference for Pastors

Looks like this conference has a good theme (for guys at least): Announcing Our 2012 Conference for Pastors - Desiring God:
God, Manhood & Ministry: Building Men for the Body of Christ


Your church can now outsource its campaigns/preaching material to Driscoll and not be called Mars Hill...: Campaigns | Pastor Mark:

What you get

- Sermon Research Brief: Access to hundreds of pages of top-level research from Docent Research Group

Preaching Strategies: My personal preaching suggestions and research to help you prepare your own sermons

- Full Marketing and Branding: Branding, design, and marketing plans that you can edit for your local church

- DVD Sermon Downloads: Free use of my sermons for the series via DVD download if you want a week off

- Counseling Guide: Helpful strategies and research specific to the sermon content to help your pastors and volunteers help hurting people

- Worship Guide: Suggestions and tips on how to prepare every aspect of your worship service to compliment—not compete—with the sermons
The following campaigns are scheduled, and you are free to use any or all of them as you desire for the next few years...

Swiss flag offensive to Muslims

Hospitals icons must also be offensive, as well as medic kits in computer games: Swiss flag offensive to Muslims:
SWITZERLAND’S official flag – bearing a distinctive white cross on a red background – has been around since 1848, but Muslims in the country are now claiming that it is offensive and want it replaced.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why should marriage last forever?

Marriage with time a limit, I wonder what the vow is like, "Till our time has expired together": Why should marriage last forever? - Gender Roles -
How different might the experience of marriage be if both participants in it were subject to periodic, mutual review? The chance to say, here’s what’s working, here’s what’s changed, here’s what needs improvement? The opportunity, even, to say, maybe it’s time to move on? Why not acknowledge that a great five-year run could be more satisfying than a 30-year sentence? After all, we leave jobs and houses and quietly distance ourselves from old friends all the time, and it’s rarely considered failure.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Gospel Today

Do we reduce the meaning of the Gospel to just mean something about our salvation? The Gospel Today | Jesus Creed:
My big contention today is that the soterian gospel is not what the New Testament means by “gospel.” It is only a part of the New Testament gospel, and it ends up swallowing the Story. Let me explain.

Collateral Damage in the Invitation of T.D. Jakes to the Elephant Room

I'm starting to like Thabiti Anyabwile's blog: Collateral Damage in the Invitation of T.D. Jakes to the Elephant Room – Pure Church by Thabiti Anyabwile:
But this I do know, the entire situation raises association, separation, and accountability concerns for me that I did not have to the same degree before now. It raises significant questions about how members of The Gospel Coalition associate and endorse beyond the Coalition meetings themselves. For me, it tests the bounds of cooperation. I’m no Fundamentalist with well-established separation doctrines. But as one attempting to draw lines–cardinal biblical lines, mind you!–in a community flooded with heresy, this is no easy relationship to balance. Can I really endorse or remain quiet on an event that features a heretic I’m committed to opposing in writing? I don’t think so. That decision is easy for me. More difficult: Can I really endorse or support a brother who willingly associates with such a heretic and extends them a platform? Painful. Sobering.

Rob Bell, Cocoa Puffs and the Mega-Pulpit

Some perhaps more objective statements about Bell leaving to make a TV show: Rob Bell, Cocoa Puffs and the Mega-Pulpit (Jeff Cook) | Jesus Creed:
There have been numerous condescending responses to Rob Bell’s announcement on both blogs and Twitter—and I think they are deeply short sighted, for three things seem clear to me

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rob Bell Working on TV Show with Lost's Carlton Cuse

Some speculated that Bell was going to be a full time author and learn how to use paragraphs, that seems to be now not true: Reports: Rob Bell Working on TV Show with Lost's Carlton Cuse | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction:
Rob Bell is reportedly working on a television drama called Stronger with Carlton Cuse, executive producer and screen writer for the show Lost