Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Caryatides and Their Glory

Doug Wilson on raising daughters: Caryatides and Their Glory:
Women don't have the kind of strength that goes out and conquers the world, as men do. But this is not said by way of disparagement -- because after the world is won, it is the women who hold the whole thing up. It is woman who hold the whole thing together, at which task men are helpless and hopeless.

This is the high calling of womanhood. A girl with the option of becoming a first-rate woman will not be enticed by the prospect of becoming a third-rate man. We have sought out many devices, and now have the technologies available that can make women as barren as any man in the realm. But what kind of sense does that make?

Daughters who are brought up properly, in a scriptural way, will have an instinctive knowledge of the kind of authority they have, an authority which they would not trade for the world.

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