Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Peter: Rock or Stumbling Block?

I'm not sure I would go this far, and I'm an Anglican: Articles | Peter: Rock or Stumbling Block? | Phillip Jensen:
Jesus was punning on the word Peter/rock. Puns by their nature are not precise, legal formulations. Let’s assume that Jesus was saying that Peter himself is the rock upon whom he is going to build his church. What does that mean? It’s not saying that Peter will be the head of His church. It’s not saying that Peter is the shepherd or leader of the congregation or the other apostles. It is saying that he is the foundation stone or the first stone of the church. We should draw no further inference until its meaning is spelt out. Much more important than Peter’s place is Jesus action: “I will build my church”. Jesus, not Peter, is doing something.

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