Saturday, April 21, 2012

Multisite, the Poker Tell and the Importance of Presence

Quite a good article on multistie churches. Why is the band present but not the preacher? Multisite, the Poker Tell and the Importance of Presence - Reformation21 Blog:
"That observation strikes me as being of crucial importance not only to critics of multi-site like myself; but also something with which multi-site advocates must themselves wrestle.  It seems to me (at least on the basis of the anecdotal research which I have been able to do) that nobody in the multi-site world pipes in the music by videolink in the way that is simply assumed as legitimate when it comes to the preacher.  Yet in so doing, it seems to me that such ministries are conceding the importance of presence - of real, physical presence - to the gathering of the church.  They are also begging the question: why have a real band when the most important thing, the preaching, can be beamed in?   Or is it that the preaching is no longer the most important thing?"

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