Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Gospel of God’s Glory

Scott McNight on Chandlers book on the Gospel. One day soon I am going to read his King Jesus Gospel (I've bought it, I just need to open it when I am finished with a few other books I am reading at the moment): The Gospel of God’s Glory:
So he begins as does all the soterian gospel approaches (see my book, The King Jesus Gospel, for soterian approaches) — with God, and with “man,” and with Christ and with response, which means his gospel looks like Greg Gilbert’s (What is the Gospel?) and, to be honest, much like every soterian gospel from the days of Billy Graham and Bill Bright onwards to our day. But Chandler’s approach is not the same, and I’d like to emphasize here that these four elements in the typical evangelistic presentation are essentially biblical and important elements in the doctrine of salvation, even if there are a variety of ways of expressing them.

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