Thursday, August 30, 2012

What is Most Needful in our Pulpits?

There is, however, yet one thing lacking- courage. It is safe to say that most church members in most evangelical churches have at least heard the good news that Jesus came to save sinners. It is even more certain that everyone attending the preaching of the Word in an evangelical church is well aware that he is a sinner. It is absolutely certain, however, that no one at the service is sufficiently aware of the depth, the scope and the power of his sin, nor sufficiently aware of the depth, the scope and the power of the grace of God. We know not what we have been saved from nor to what we have been saved.
What is Most Needful in our Pulpits? by R.C. Sproul Jr. | Ligonier Ministries Blog

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Asked: Which Is the Real Ten Commandments?

A good question: You Asked: Which Is the Real Ten Commandments? – The Gospel Coalition Blog:
The late Christopher Hitchens would mockingly cite what appears to be the "second" ten commandments in the Bible in Exodus 34, that on the surface appear to be radically different than the original ten in Exodus 20. This has bothered me from a lay perspective as I haven't heard many sermons or found many commentaries explaining what this difference is all about. Can you help me reconcile these two passages, and understand which one is which and what the difference is?

A Message to Itchy Ears

Quite a very good poem: A Message to Itchy Ears – Justin Taylor

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Multi-Site Churches: Paving the Road to a “Cult of Personality”

My thoughts as well: Multi-Site Churches: Paving the Road to a “Cult of Personality” « Blood Stained Ink:
When it comes right down to it, if we are going to make an argument for “one church on many campuses,” why is there only one element – the charismatic preacher – that is common to all the sites, while everything else involved in the practice of communal worship is passed off to be handled at the local level?  What is so vital about his (or her) contribution?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?

This is worth a watch. Keller is quite good, making "the Gospel" mean more than just salvation/justification: Did Jesus Preach the Gospel? – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Wanna get more done?

I haven't heard Driscoll in while now. I am a little concerned about the emphasis of this conference. It sounds a little less reformed than I though Driscoll was: Wanna get more done? Join us. | The Resurgence

Friday, August 3, 2012

Return from Greece

some good advice from Greear: Return from Greece:
If you’re rushing down a sidewalk to help rescue people from a burning building and someone is trying to stop you to engage in an argument you say, “I don’t have time for that foolishness right now.” I know that is a little oversimplified, but the bottom line is a lot of Christian bloggers should probably just go spend some time in an unreached people group, because the subjects they write so vociferously about now would probably look different when they got back. I don’t mean that to be self-righteous. I feel that way having just gotten back from being overseas. Given time and distance, my own heart will forget the urgency of first things and fixate and secondary and tertiary ones.