Thursday, August 29, 2013

Radical Faith // Hea Woo

Another good clip from Open Doors: Radical Faith // Hea Woo - YouTube

Not Even a Hint

The whole book Hole in our Holiness is good, here is a bit from it: Not Even a Hint – Kevin DeYoung:
Brothers and sisters, we must be more vigilant. With our kids, with our families, with our Facebook accounts, with our texts, with our tweets, with our own eyes and hearts. Are we any differ­ent than the culture? Have we made a false peace with ourselves whereby we have said, we won’t do the things you do or be as sensual as you are, but we will gladly watch you do them for us?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jesus is Lucky to Have Us!

It's funny and sad that some people think this: Jesus is Lucky to Have Us!:

Challenging a Young Man’s Ten Assumptions

Some advice: Challenging a Young Man’s Ten Assumptions | Blog & Mablog:
"So I want to do is challenge ten common assumptions that young men have, and give an illustration for each one."

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Atheist’s Guide to Reality

After this review, I now want to read this book: The Atheist’s Guide to Reality | Analogical Thoughts:
Insofar as the Atheist’s Guide gives us good reasons to reject scientism, by Rosenberg’s lights it also gives us good reasons to reject atheism. The book is an unintended gift to believers; indeed, it does a more effective job of refuting the modern atheist worldview than many books written by Christians. The next time you come across a copy of the Atheist’s Guide in a bookstore, consider relocating it to the “Christian Apologetics” section.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sermons Are Not For Liking

Quite a good point: Sermons Are Not For Liking | Challies Dot Com:
"At the end of it all, “How did you enjoy the sermon?” is simply the wrong question to ask. Far better is, “What did you learn from the sermon?” or “How did the Holy Spirit speak to you through the sermon?” These are questions that elevate the form or medium far above our preferences, and call upon us to submit to the Spirit as he is present in preaching."

The Story of God - YouTube

Quite a good 10 minute clip going over the whole Bible, and it's all in spoken word: The Story of God - YouTube:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Is the New Evangelical Liturgy Really an Improvement?

Perhaps there is something in DeYoung's point: Is the New Evangelical Liturgy Really an Improvement? – Kevin DeYoung:
It can be found in tiny churches and megachurches. No one has written it down in a service book. No council or denomination is demanding that it be done. No pastor is taught this liturgy in seminary (um, probably not). But it has become the default liturgy nonetheless. It looks like this:
Casual welcome and announcements
Stand up for 4-5 songs
During the set, or at the very end, add a short prayer
Closing song
I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say this is the basic liturgy from which most evangelical churches operate.

Shaking Us Loose

A good point, we should think for ourselves and make our own minds up: Shaking Us Loose | Blog & Mablog:
“We have no right to take for granted that commentaries and theologians are correct in their opinions; and in fact theological discord and conflicts, with all their evils, have this advantage, that they compel the most trusting and the most slothful of us somewhat to feel the necessity of thinking for ourselves” (Broadus, Preparation and Delivery, p. 129).

Tuesday, August 6, 2013