Thursday, March 27, 2014

Prophecy Redefined

Since the Strange Fire conference I am beginning to question the different between big A apostle and little a apostle, along with big P prophecy and little p prophecy: Prophecy Redefined:

"Following Grudem, Piper posits a radical discontinuity between prophecy in the two Testaments, as if Old Testament prophecy is infallible and authoritative, while the New Testament gift of prophecy is not. But that bold conclusion is nothing more than a highly questionable inference. However, if such a radical redefinition of this gift had taken place between the Old Testament and New Testament eras, we would be right to expect explicit statements in Scripture to inform us of this change."

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Europe Conference Wrap Up

This conference looks like it is worth a listen: Acts 29 Network >:

"Last week, Acts 29 Europe held a conference in London, England. Over 400 men and women from 24 different countries were in attendance. Below is some media from the event."

The Passion Week

Could be of some use to understand the passion week. Doesn't have John's reference to cleansing the temple, and avoids the issue in John about when the Passover actually took place: The-Passion-Week.png (2000×3000)


Quite an interesting timeline. Some thing get more weight that I would have thought. But good nevertheless: New-Calvinism-Timeline.png (980×7539):

Church Discipline: Principles and Reasons

Pretty much a concise summary of a book on Church discipline: Church Discipline: Principles and Reasons – Justin Taylor

Monday, March 24, 2014

Tracing the Line of the Promised Seed

A good clip showing the connection between God's promises in Genesis and Jesus: Tracing the Line of the Promised Seed by Nathan W. Bingham | Ligonier Ministries Blog:

Archbishop endorses new PTC course on Vimeo

I've done 9 subjects (I started with the PTC involved 9 subjects, not 6) and I think if you can, you should do some subjects: Archbishop endorses new PTC course on Vimeo

10 Reasons to Avoid Sexual Immorality

A good warning we all need to be reminded of: 10 Reasons to Avoid Sexual Immorality:

"Easy sex will keep you from being wise.

To make this point, Solomon lists ten consequences of sexual immorality in Proverbs 6:24-35. Before reading my list, I urge you to read the passage yourself and see how many consequences you can observe."

10 Surefire Ways to Make Your Kids Hate Family Devotions

A good list, can also be applied to a weekly Bible Study group: 10 Surefire Ways to Make Your Kids Hate Family Devotions | The Resurgence:

"Want to make absolutely sure that your kids loathe family devotions? Here are ten easy ways to make sure they associate family worship with legalism, boredom, and drudgery."

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mark Driscoll Addresses Mars Hill Church

After revealing that they gamed the New York best selling list, Driscoll decides to not post on social media for at least this year and is going to less conferences. These decisions were made by himself and agreed upon by his accountability board (who are related to Mars Hill). Is this really a great example of church discipline? Mark Driscoll Addresses Mars Hill Church : religion:

I have also submitted these decisions to the Board of Advisors and Accountability. They have approved of this direction and are 100 percent supportive of these changes. It’s a wonderful thing to have true accountability and not be an independent decision maker regarding my ministry and, most importantly, our church.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Web Stuff Wednesdays

Not a bad analogy for church websites: Web Stuff Wednesdays | Challies Dot Com:

"We have been encouraging churches to think about their websites using these 5 “building” concepts: Cornerstone, Foundation, Floorplan, Exterior, and Entrance. Today, we will be considering the Floorplan."

The Christian Leader in the Digital Age

All means of communication can be used for the Gospel: The Christian Leader in the Digital Age –

"Christians – and Christian leaders in particular – should be taking advantage of blogs, social media, and every available platform for communicating our message. We should be exercising stewardship in new opportunities to learn, teach, and study online, recognizing that no generation before us had such rich opportunities."

Monday, March 3, 2014

Not Understanding Nothing by Edward Feser

Not a glowing review of Krauss' book: Not Understanding Nothing by Edward Feser | Articles | First Things:

"But Krauss simply can’t see the “difference between arguing in favor of an eternally existing creator versus an eternally existing universe without one.” The difference, as the reader of Aristotle or Aquinas knows, is that the universe changes while the unmoved mover does not, or, as the Neoplatonist can tell you, that the universe is made up of parts while its source is absolutely one; or, as Leibniz could tell you, that the universe is contingent and God absolutely necessary. There is thus a principled reason for regarding God rather than the universe as the terminus of explanation. "