Thursday, July 31, 2014

Genesis Chapters 12-50 - YouTube

These guys are making good videos: Genesis Chapters 12-50 - YouTube:

Amending the Wording of Doctrinal Distinctive #4

Acts 29 changes their complementarian point (their position hasn't changed, just the wording) Acts 29 Network >:

"In not using the term headship in the headline, we are not diminishing its importance. We are simply trying to capture what that term describes in language that our culture will better understand."

America’s Udder

Interesting take on immigration. Australian also has its own issues, but not on the scale America has: America’s Udder |:

"If we get our house in order, the message we should have for immigrants, as George Will recently put it, is simply “welcome to America.” If we had a culture that rewarded hard work, risk-taking, entrepreneurship, then the more immigrants the merrier. In other words, immigrants will only turn a state blue if that state is already building a bunch of blue attractions. If the liberals succeed in turning Texas into America’s udder, then we shouldn’t pretend to be surprised at the results. Neither should we think the problem was caused by those who come for what we offer."

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Richard Dawkins, what on earth happened to you?

Logical Positivism has already been found to be wanting, some just haven't figured it out yet: Richard Dawkins, what on earth happened to you? | Eleanor Robertson | Comment is free |

"To him, the humanities are expendable window-dressing, and the consciousness and emotions of his fellow human beings are byproducts of natural selection that frequently hobble his pursuit and dissemination of cold, hard facts. His orientation toward the world is the product of a classic category mistake, but because he’s nestled inside it so snugly he perceives complex concepts outside of his understanding as meaningless dribble. If he can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist, and anyone trying to describe it to him is delusional and possibly dangerous."

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Anglican leader hopes vote for women bishops won’t prevent ‘full communion’ with Catholic Church

I think there a bigger difference that prevent full communion from happening, like say communion and the Council of Trent quickly come to mind: Anglican leader hopes vote for women bishops won’t prevent ‘full communion’ with Catholic Church |

In a letter sent to Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said he hopes the vote to allow the ordination of women bishops would not prove a stumbling block to future “full communion” between the Anglican and Catholic churches.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Anglicans to fight asset sell-off: Bank demands church repay debts of $25 million | Central Western Dail

But the thing is, the church building isn't as important as the Church: Anglicans to fight asset sell-off: Bank demands church repay debts of $25 million | Central Western Daily:

"However, Bishop Ian Palmer says the church will not go down without a fight and will do all it can to protect its churches."

Monday, July 14, 2014

Introducing TGC Australia

Interesting that Moor College didn't get a mention, even though Sydney is their top city for page views: Introducing TGC Australia | TGC | The Gospel Coalition:

"Following the broad pattern of the original TGC, we have formed a Council drawn from across Australia. Building on existing relational networks, we have drawn together a group of 13 men committed to the TGC Foundation Documents and to one another. Whilst we haven’t tried to ensure that every possible constituency is represented, we have ended up with a real mixture"

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Great Commission for Apologetics

The last point is a good one: The Great Commission for Apologetics | TGC | The Gospel Coalition:

"To sum it up, the Great Commission for Apologetics gives us three commands:

 1. Set apart Christ as Lord in our hearts.

 2. Be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope within you.

 3. Do this with gentleness and respect."

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Scripture Memory System - Simply Charlotte Mason

This method is almost screaming out for a phone app: Scripture Memory System - Simply Charlotte Mason:

"The instructions and video below outline an easy-to-use system to help your family members develop the habit of memorizing and remembering Scripture. By spending just five or ten minutes a day, you and your children can learn and retain hundreds of verses."