Friday, October 31, 2014

Does Multi-Site Discourage Leadership Development?

I never understood this argument, imagin if their was a whole new preacher on each campus, then you would have 52 slots per service per year, not just 14: Does Multi-Site Discourage Leadership Development? | J.D. GREEAR:

"Multisite provides an enormously greater amount of preaching and teaching opportunities, too. On average, I preach about 38 weekends a year, which I would say is on the average to low side of senior pastors. That leaves 14 slots for other pastors and elders to preach. That is, if we were at one location. By having our congregation gathering in 9 sites, that translates into 126 spots. When other pastors preach, they typically decide together on a central passage, and then we work together on coming up with the points and outline. It’s been an incredible way to raise up a lot of new preachers and teachers and give them on the job training."

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